About us

 We offer training programs for adults  for any level of competence in foreign languages:

English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (Siberian branches), Russian and Ukrainian as foreign languages.

Other languages are taught if a client (a company or an individual) is placing a specific order.

In-company training  
We provide language training on the school’s or client’s premises, according to the chosen programs.  They are tailored to meet the company’s aims in the most accurate way. When designing the program we bear in mind the specific purposes of the company and specific skills necessary for each of the students to function effectively in their everyday and business environment.

Group training
For students, who do not participate in any corporate educational projects, learning in groups is available. The educational managers of the school assess and analyze their initial language level and their personal interests, after that they offer a suitable ready-made program. The level and the length of programs and location of the classrooms are adjusted to the students’ individual circumstances.