Approach to teaching

Effective teaching method. What is it?
Can a person who doesn’t have special knowledge evaluate teaching method effectiveness?

Our vision on effectiveness:

•    We transform chaos into system: System thinking approach is the basis of TFL method in our company. It is the key to effective mastering a foreign language grammar. It is the basis of classroom management, taking into account individual traits, abilities and targets of our clients, our students. It is reflected in the Body of Denis’ School Authoring Method Concepts. It is the foundation stone for all Denis’ School courses.

•    You master grammar 
with the common sense, simple common logic of everyday reality, not rules. Take a look   how “the article” is explained with Denis’ School method. ( this grammar is considered to be one of the most complicated). With this example you can compare our  approach with the traditional one.

•    It is YOU who we teach, not some abstract person. On the way you learn a foreign language, we do observe and consider your needs, personal traits, abilities and peculiarities of your perception. Innovation technologies on channels of perception and memory support help you to reach effectiveness  at every class and your individual studies arrangements.  The instruments are given to your teacher as well to make special classroom arrangements and to reach the result that you need.

    The basis of authoring method combines the most recent achievements in linguistics and psychology. Communicative approach to language trainings and integrated development of all language skills on such substantial scientific basis reveal quick and obvious results. All aspects of the method meet the required standards of European Council and let you reach the maximum optimal correlation between the length of training and the quality of it.
    We offer the original innovation system of foreign language training to YOU, OUR PRESENT AND FUTURE STUDENTS, we offer you Denis’ School Company’s Know-How.