Studying Russian

Denis' School is happy  to introduce a new free of charge tutoring  system for Russian studies with one of the seven tutoring languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic.This program is delivered with the help of Education Ministry of Russian Federation.

You will be able to:

  • get e-mail support from our helpdesk tutors
  • receive online tutoring sessionsin Skype
  • attend interactive webinars with participants of your language level

You can attend 20 webinars of 45 min each free of charge. The topics of the webinars are displayed  in Your Account on this web site.

How to enroll:

  • The form for enrollment  is on PushkinOnline website. You have to sign in first and then fill in the enrollment form. (If you haven't passed the Placement Test  start with it there)
  • After receiving a letter from Denis' School, fill in a more detailed Introductory poll with information about your personal achivements and difficulties in studing Russian.

What next?

  • Your tutor will decide what help is needed for you and send you an individual letter.

  • You may be  invited to oral testing in Skype if your level of language is needed to be ascertained.

  • For attending free lessons with  a teacher you will receive a letter with username and password.

  • Use this username and password for login on can sign in for online lessons with a teacher (webinars) and attend them in Your Account in My Training section.

  • You can be in correspondence with your tutor in the chosen intermediate language and get free consultations. 

Program begins on 1th October’16.

Lessons with teachers begin:

  • for А1 students -  10th October’16.

  • for А2 students - 17th October’16.

  • for В1 and upper level students - 7th November’16