How to sign in to webinars

We invite you to participate  in 20 free online lessons of Russian language  in the form of webinars. They are conducted  by a teacher of Russian language in a virtual classroom in real time.

After you  take part in the first Introductory Webinar  you can sign in for webinars in Your Account.

Please make sure you have a headset (microphone and headphones), as well as a laptop or tablet.

Manual for signing in to online classes (webinars)

For attending free lessons with  a teacher you will receive a letter with username and password.

Use this username and password for login on

First you need to  enter your personal account on our website 

“Login” button is for typing e-mail and NEW password which we send you in an activation  letter.


Press "Log in" and open the  authorization box. Type your e-mail and password, then press “log in (entrance)” button.

login(on website): your e-mail

password(on website): from the activation letter


How to reserve  a place in the  online class (webinar)

After  you log in, press “Your account” button and go to “My training” tab.

Press “show the schedule” in web seminar tab below


You will see a list of webinars there in your local time zone.

First of all, you can choose suitable time f for all available topics and press “To reserve the place”



NOTA BENE: if your plans have changed please refuse your place, otherwise the topic will be marked as “passed”

How to enter a webinar

Before entering the chosen webinar, open your webinar list . You will see the same image.

Please, refresh the page (by pressing f5 button or the refresh symbol in your browser)

and press the button “Attend”

You will see new browser  window for web seminar.